Oldmeldrum Sports - The Sunshine Sports

Our Story

Oldmeldrum Sports were first held in 1930 when a committee of 5 local working men were persuaded to part with a week’s wages to put the event into motion, which was a considerable sacrifice in those days.
The first Sports were held in a small field where Provost Drive is now situated and made a profit of £36, which was used to provide cocoa for the children of Oldmeldrum.
The founder committee members were the late Fred Green (Mill of Foresterhill), Bill Castle, Davie Reid (local garage owner), Sandy Paterson (Coutens Farm) and Major John Sievewright (local saddler).
To this day, all profits raised from the Sports are disbursed annually to local charities and organisations.
Another tradition is for the annual event to be officially opened each year by a famous celebrity or local outstanding personality from the community

Oldmeldrum Sports 'Official Openers'